International Patients


Quality Care for Women assists patients in seeking care from countries outside the United States. Our staff coordinates all aspects of your visits to our office and commits to making you and your family as comfortable as possible during your stay. Each patient receives care in an environment that respects diverse cultural traditions and backgrounds.

Step 1: Please contact our office directly to schedule your appointment and to obtain pricing for initial consultation.

Step 2: Prior to your first appointment, please make sure to obtain all of your medical records and bring it with you at the time of your appointment.

Initial appointment includes:
– In office consultation with Dr. Yara Delgado-Spasic.
– A Gynecological or maternity package for treatment will be provided to the patient at the end of the consultation.

What is included in the maternity package for vaginal or c-section delivery?
– The Maternity package includes the professional fees of the physician for prenatal, post-partum care and ultrasounds performed during the pregnancy at the time of each prenatal office visit.
– Please note for a vaginal delivery, the hospitalization period is two days. For a Cesarean Section, the hospitalization period is three days

Additional costs:
– All labs and perinatologist appointments during your pregnancy are billed separately.
РThe hospital stay and anesthesia are billed separately.

Dr. Delgado-Spasic also offers circumcision to new born babies which is an optional procedure and is not included in the maternity package.

Please see below on how to contact Memorial Hospital West financial services directly to obtain further information regarding your stay. Memorial Hospital West Main phone: 954-436-5000 Financial Representative phone: 954-844-8032

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